Mixin: Screenshot


A mixin class containing functionality for screenshotting. Consumed by the main RC.Logger class. All config options on this mixin can be configured when you create your Logger instance.


var logger = window.RC && new RC.Logger({
    blackoutSelector : 'input[type=password]',

    onBeforeScreenshot : function() { ... }



A CSS selector identifying targets on the screen that should be hidden before a screenshot is taken. As per CSS syntax, you can specify several selectors, separated by a comma:

input.credit-card-number, input.credit-card-expire, input.api-key

See the also RC.Logger#captureScreenshot config.


True to capture a screenshot of the page when an error occurs. If you need to hide some sensitive user information before taking the screenshot, use the blackoutSelector, onBeforeScreenshot and onAfterScreenshot configs.


If provided, this function will be called after a screenshot is captured.

See also blackoutSelector, captureScreenshot


If provided, this function will be called before a screenshot is captured. You can use it to hide or obfuscate any sensitive data before the capture.

See also blackoutSelector, captureScreenshot


Takes a screenshot to be added to the report in case of an error.