Demo Sandbox

Welcome to the demo sandbox where you can try RootCause with different javascript frameworks. You can also find examples showing all the main features of the product. In the demos, click the bug icon to trigger an error then open the demo Dashboard where you can replay and reproduce the error. The examples all record various session activity, like key strokes and text entries and the demo database is cleared every 48 hours.

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Features and configuration

Video recording

RootCause can record a video of the user session to allow you to see exactly what the user did

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Feedback button

Gather error reports and feature requests from your end users with the click of a button

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Sensitive data

See how you can hide sensitive data before screenshots are taken.

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Confirmation dialog

Allow your users to decide if they want to send an error report or not.

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Ajax traffic recording

RootCause can record your XHR responses, to replay the session with the correct ajax responses/timing

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Notifying end users

You can show a custom popup after an error is logged, and show the current error status.

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Adding custom data

Learn how to add your own custom data added to each error report

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Capturing function arguments

See how you can capture function args with no effort

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Logging request errors

Get notified of ajax issues and missing images

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Offline support

RootCause can track errors that happen when there is no network connection, and report the errors after you reconnect to the internet.

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